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Asking for help

Sorry if this post isn't allowed...let me know and I will edit / delete.

I'm never one to ask for help but...

I found out today that my cat, Simon the Siamese Wonder Cat, needs to have nearly a FULL extraction of his teeth. More than likely, yes, a complete extraction; there's a possibility of a few that can be saved, but, it's marginal at best. There was nothing I could have done to prevent this as it appears to have been viral and the erosion of his gums and teeth began prior to my adopting him. What bothers me the most is that every vet I had taken him to stated that he just had bad breath and to change his food, which I have done several times to no avail. The vet I took him to this morning basically pried his mouth open all the way so I could see the yellow and green discoloration and also see that he was already missing several of his kitty teeth. Because of this situation, he is having difficulty in eating and because of this he has lost a little more weight than he should. If you know anything about Siamese cats, they are thin and lanky, but he has lost about a pound and a half on the wrong side of things.

Needless to say, this made me feel like a horrible feline parent all the way around.

The procedure itself is going to cost anywhere between $600 and $850; IV drip, anesthesia, X-rays to ensure no tooth fragments are lodged in the gum, extraction, cleaning, pain medication, steroids, blood work, etc.

These are funds that I don't readily have available at this time, but, this is my cat...he's more than a pet, he's seemingly a person unto himself with an awesome personality, demeanor, and intelligence, as well as one of my friends. In light of not having these funds, but, also wanting to help out my cat, I'm asking (Probably for the first time in my limited existence) for a little bit of help. He's an awesome cat and I can't bare the thought that I couldn't take care of him the way he should be. And I also can't bear to think he might be in any pain.

So I'll sell prints from my photography catalog to help offset the high amount

PRINT SALE from the online galleries HERE and THEN HERE AGAIN...

ALL monies to go to the "Simon the Siamese Wonder Cat" and his teeth extraction payment fund!

Any image that is listed from the links ABOVE will be made to the size you wish, at high resolution (.tiff, .jpg, etc...) and emailed to your inbox, and for your printing pleasure, for the low low price of $20. If you prefer to have it printed from the lab I use, the cost would be a little bit more. If you'd rather not purchase a print and would simply like to donate, well, I wouldn't mind that either!





Please help out if you can...I would appreciate it AND Simon would too (More than I could express)!

By clicking on the DONATE button below, you'll be purchasing an above mentioned piece of photo art. Leave a comment below on which image you would like and what size resolution you would like AS WELL and I will happily send it to you THRU THE MAGICAL POWER OF THE INTERWEBS!

Again, you have no idea how much you'll be helping!

A world of thanks,

-Dusty and Simon the Siamese Wonder Cat.

PS - THE FIRST FIVE PEOPLE who simply donate or order a print will receive an authentic extracted tooth from Simon himself accompanied with a letter of authenticity!


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