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PDX Pets

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pdxpets is a community for Portland pet-owners & enthusiasts.

It was created for:

+ Asking questions
+ Networking w/ other pet-owners
+ Rescue/Vet/Breeder referral
+ Training information
+ Info on how to report abuse
+ Posting news updates (such as new pet-related ordinances, rescue information, adoption information, petitions, etc.)
+ Posting pictures of your pets
+ Sell your pet-based wares
+ Dog cookie recipes?
+ Catnip-growing tips?
+ Sharing information on local pet-friendly establishments
+ Sharing local pet-related resources & links
+ No-Kill shelter information

This site is new & being worked on- in the meantime some guidelines (I am not the toughest mod, I expect you to keep yourselves together):

+ No rude posts- they will be deleted, and you may be banned.
+ Keep large pics behind an lj-cut (for information on how to post pictures go *here*, for information on how to use the lj-cut feature, go *here*)
+ Post your own pictures, and make sure you have permission before posting the works of others.
+ If you're unsure, check out the TOS concerning the sort of material that is prohibited on Livejournal
+ Feel free to post community promo's if they are relevant to the community. All others will be deleted.

Welcome & Cheers!

The American Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
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